Application of Motion Capture System Based on MEMS Inertial Sensor in Martial Arts Competition

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Author(s): W. H. Yao
Source: W. H. Yao, Application of Motion Capture System Based on MEMS Inertial Sensor in Martial Arts Competition, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments, vol. 40, no. 1, pp. 7-13, 2017. 
Document Type: Research Article
Abstract: Aiming at the difficult problems in martial arts motion, such as complexity, coherence and instantaneous motion capture, which results in the defects of the motion capture inaccurate, this paper designs a motion capture measurement system based on MEMS inertial sensor’s integrated module ADIS16355. Firstly, the paper introduces the basic function modules of ADIS16355, elaborates the method of measuring real-time attitude angle by two sensors fusion and gives the Calman iterative filtering algorithm; secondly, using ADIS16355 as the martial arts motion capture unit, uses the accelerometer to observe the gravity vector to correct the attitude information of martial arts motion given by the gyro; then, applies Calman filter sensor information fusion to calculate motion vector of attitude angle; finally, designs the hardware of martial arts motion capture system based on Cotex-M3 microprocessor of the ARMv7 architecture. The experimental results show that the motion capture system based on MEMS can control the motion capture error in the martial arts competition in a small range of stability, which lays the technical foundation for the capture of complex movements.

Keywords: MEMS; ADISI16355; Motion capture system; Cotex-M3 microprocessor; Martial arts competition.