Influence Mechanism of Social Commerce to Consumer Behavioral Intention

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Author(s): Q. M. Kong, X. Q. Liang, & Z. Zhang
Source: Q. M. Kong, X. Q. Liang, & Z. Zhang, Influence Mechanism of Social Commerce to Consumer Behavioral  Intention, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 860-865, 2016. 
Document Type: Research Article
Abstract: It has become a consumer trend to engage in business transactions, purchase products and services on social media. This paper analyzes the influence mechanism of social commerce to consumer behavioral intention. We got the conclusion that the technical characteristics, the value characteristics and the experience characteristics of social commerce are positively correlated with consumer behavior intention through the empirical study. In addition, trust and value co-creation plays an intermediary effect at the impact of social commerce on consumer behavioral intention. The research conclusion has important guiding significance for the enterprise to run social commerce.

Keywords: Social commerce; Consumer behavioral intention; Trust; Value co-creation.