Mechanics Property Analysis of Steel Bar With A Kind of Anchorage Device

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Author(s): F. K. Zeng, T. Wang, X. N. Fan, & F. Y. Wang
Source: K. Zeng, T. Wang, X. N. Fan, & F. Y. Wang, Mechanics Property Analysis of Steel Bar With A Kind of Anchorage  Device, Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 854-859, 2016. 
Document Type: Research Article
Abstract: Through a pull-out experiment of 26 reinforcement anchorage specimens, compared the anchorage performance of headed reinforcements with that of 90-degree hooked bars under the same conditions, studies have shown that the use of anchor plate in reinforced concrete can greatly reduce the amount of steel compared to 90-degree hooked bars, also anchor plate can greatly simplify the site construction of steel bar project, avoid the problems of intensive congestion and banding difficulty of steel bar, and improve the mechanics property of beam-column connections as well as the quality of concrete placement with its advantages of anchorage stiffness, good anchorage performance, easy construction, saving of steel bar, etc. The application of the device will help to reduce the use of steel bars in construction projects, improve the durability of concrete structures, promote safe construction of the construction industry and facilitate green, low-carbon and sustainable development of China’s construction industry.

Keywords: Anchor plate; Mechanical anchorage; Anchorage performance.