Prediction of Double-Rotational Vertical Screw Conveyor Performance Using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)

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Author(s): J. Li, F. Ma, & R. Q. Jia
Source: J. Li, F. Ma, & R. Q. Jia, Prediction of Double-Rotational Vertical Screw Conveyor Performance Using the Discrete Element Method (DEM), Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 793-799, 2016. 
Document Type: Research Article
Abstract: The double-rotational vertical screw conveyor is a new type of screw conveyor in which the screw and casing rotates respectively in the opposite direction. The mechanism of the device and performance is not fully understood. We analyze its performance such as particle velocity distribution, particle mass flow rate, motor power, transmission efficiency through Discrete Element Method in this paper. 

Keywords: Double-rotational vertical screw conveyor; Rotational screw; Rotational casing; Discrete element method.